About Us

Established in 2009, Global Food Services Pte Ltd has enjoyed steady growth and stability in the food services sector and hospitality sector. Started by several experienced senior executives in the catering business, Global Food Services has worked for various worldwide catering and food service companies around the world, operating extensively in various sectors. This allows them to deliver viable solutions to Clients as they possess the in-depth expertise, knowledge and contacts. Global Food Services is currently servicing several barges belonging to Saipem, one of the largest international and best turnkey contractors in the oil and gas industry.

Mission & Objectives

Our goal In Global Food Services Pte Ltd is to provide the highest quality of food that is to be prepared, presented and delivered to the exact specifications of our Customers by maintaining the utmost levels of customer satisfaction, food safety and hygiene. Once our products and services are delivered, we will continue to maintain our high level of commitment by providing the optimum level of service and assistance whenever and wherever needed.

In our continuous quest for excellence, it is our ongoing commitment to provide a "Customer Comes First" philosophy. We strongly believe that the products and services we are providing to the customers must be of the highest levels of International Standards and Quality and that our dedication and commitment to accomplish and maintain such a level is of utmost importance to us.

In order to provide Management and Staff Commitment to Quality, we at Global Food Services are continuing to strive to improve ourselves, products and services through a process of self-auditing, corrective action, external checks and by educating and training our personnel in the latest work methods and procedures. We are able to accomplish this through regular monitoring and checking of critical control points during the production process in order to ensure that the required Quality standard is always achieved.

We are committed to continue providing our customers with services of the highest achievable standards within the resources available and to enhance the reputation and image of our company by attaining and continuously improving the standards of Quality and Services that our Company is providing.